Talking Tech with Guido Santella

What is Bandwidth

We always want more and always want faster, but what is it anyway?

Careers in Technology

There are so many types of career in tech. Here is just a basic introduction of what some of these jobs are like.

The Command Line Interface (CLI)

Just another powerful way to interact with these computers. Windows, Linux, and Mac all have them.

Hosting a Website in the Cloud

After you build a website what are you supposed to do with it? Here is a way to get it to the cloud.

More Code and Save That Data

Let's write some Node.js and work with a simple key-value store database.

Every Minute on the Internet

You are not going to believe what happens every 60 seconds.

Basic Coding

What is code and what are some of the basics?

What Is A Computer Really?

What does a computer really do for us?

When You Go To A Website?

It may be more involved than you think.

Let's Program a CLI

How we use libraries so we don't have to code everything from scratch. Yay for colors!

Open Up That Laptop

A SouthHills Hardware class peaking inside a laptop to fix a bad fan.

Deploy with Vercel

There are many ways to get our software to the cloud. Here is yet another.